Founded in 1968 originally as “Grivoselli Dott. Sergio and Settimo geom. Ennio e C. Snc.” today we are a solid enterprise that in 40 years in the construction business has excelled thanks to experience, flexibility and sustainability offering , design, construction and renovations services.
In the last few years we have opened a new division of the enterprise to make our own equipments paying special attention to the use of renewable energy.
Our credibility is certified not only by qualifications and valid certificates in multiple sectors of the building industry, but also by a sound reputation with our stakeholders.

Qualification certificates for Public Works (D.P.R. 34/2000; Art. 2, paragraph 1, Letter p):
• OG1 VI - Civil and Industrial buildings
• OG2 V - Restoration and maintenance of preservation buildings under laws regarding cultural and environmental real estate
• OG3 II - Streets, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramways, metros, cable railway, airport runways and similar and complementary works
• OG6 II - Aqueduct, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigations and voiding works
• OG11 III - Technological equipments
• OS3 I - Sanitary equipments, kitchens and laundries
• OS6 I - General works finish in materials such as wood, plastic, metal and glass
• OS28 II - Heating and conditioning systems
• OS30 I - Electric, phone, radio and television internal equipments

SOA Certificate (No. 7254/04/00)
Qualification to design and build up to level V
From may 2010 we are now called “Partner Casa - Clima”