The system assures a continuous complete change of air without the need to open windows, maintaining room temperature and not increasing heating consumptions.
The system can have a combined temperature, relative humidity and air circulation speed control all of which creates a high environmental comfort. It also:

• Provides 24 hour optimization of air quality for the metabolic activity of inhabitants
• Dilutes and removes indoor pollutants
• Dilutes and removes specific pollutants (WC odors, kitchen vapors, etc.)
• Guarantees internal humidity control and no condensation and subsequent mildew

To be more precise, from the air inlet placed in the front garden, air covers nearly 150 ml of underground pipes, 5 millimeters under the floor, before arriving to the heat exchanger where it is mixed with indoor air. This way, using ground temperature, air is preheated during winter and naturally cooled during the summer. (Data can be verified in the energy efficiency file, attached to the upper left inset).